Ramesh Chauhan

Ramesh Kumar Chauhan
Director – UGS

Thank you for your interest in our undergraduate program. We are a group of passionate educators who believe that our students deserve the best contemporary education which is relevant to real life. Over the 20 years of our existence, we have been able to build an institution which is known for its dedication to excellence and innovation and for providing transformational experience to its students.

At Ace, we continually strive to collectively create an environment that allows students to discover themselves. The four years they spend as undergraduate students are crucial in molding their personalities. During this time, we would like to see them take steps-even if they are tiny ones- towards knowing who they are. Mistakes are inevitable to learning and we endeavor to make them understanding that there is a lesson to be learnt from each failure. No amount of fear for failure justifies a halt in personal growth. Learning is a life-long process and it is the thirst for learning that the college hopes to infuse in the students.

The encouraging college environment instills in our students a questioning spirit which compels them to demand more from their faculty members, fellow students, college management, and most importantly from themselves. In addition, it infuses in them the propensity to look beyond the obvious. Each person is unique and when we take time to scratch the superficial and peek inside, we realize that each individual is equally beautiful and there is enough space for everyone to shine in their own light. The need for competing with others subsides and the desire to collaborate takes over when confidence in their own capability overshadows little moments drenched in insecurities.
While we understand that academic performance is important for a student; we also appreciate that learning cannot be confined to classroom alone. At Ace, students are given a platform to organize, participate and excel in other areas too. They get exposure and gain confidence through plenty of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities conducted throughout the year. Taking part in these activities provides them an appropriate stage to put the acquired theoretical knowledge to the test. These activities along with good academics bring changes in their knowledge, skills, attitude, and ultimately their behavior transforming them into globally competent professionals.

I look forward to welcoming you at Ace Undergraduate School.