Life at Ace

Welcome to a great platform of exposure and experience that are offered to students at Ace Institute. We strongly believe that education must have relevance to real life. Only then can the students put their knowledge into practice and education they receive will be valuable.

Whether you’re seeking study skills, participation in a favorite sport or activity, outings to explore the spectacular natural beauty or industries and businesses, opportunities for social interaction, or information about your education and career options, you’ll be in good hands during your years at Ace. And you’ll have fun, no doubt. Life at Ace might look hectic and rigorous, but never boring.

On one hand, our faculty members bring in tremendous amount of diverse experience to share in the classrooms while using case studies, project works and classroom interactions. On the other hand, every diverse student finds some event being organized by various clubs that interests them. Even the assignments and project works excite students equally because they offer them chance to use the creative side of their mind, exploration, socialization and above all diligence; in the process they learn to realize their potential for a transformational experience.

Corporate Interaction and Guest Lectures:

We understand that the experiences of senior managers and entrepreneurs would definitely mean a lot to our students in terms of helping them prepare for their lives and careers ahead. Moreover, it’s always illuminating to hear from management practitioners in relation to the courses students are studying and career options they are deciding upon. Hence, we make special attempts to invite CEOs, senior managers and entrepreneurs of repute to our college frequently. That way, our students get to hear from these management practitioners and ask questions to them. To further enhance our students’ knowledge, we occasionally get professors from colleges/ universities worldwide. They bring in research-based expertise which enhances conceptual clarity and an alternative perspective to the subject matter.


While being engaged in regular course work and various events, students get a substantial amount of exposure. But, our efforts don’t end here. We frequently organize workshops and non credit courses that provide exposure to the students beyond the curriculum.. Along with motivational, career planning and English language workshops, there are also other non credit courses such as Project Management, Taxation, Social Marketing, Newer Trends in Technology, SPSS, Team Building Skills, Leadership Skills etc. as deemed relevant to the market context. Participating in these workshops and non credit courses offers them a chance to develop knowledge, skills and attitude that they would otherwise acquire only after some years of work experience.

Ace Fest:

Among several extra-curricular events organized by students, Ace fest is an annual event that usually falls in the month of February and is eagerly looked forward to by all Acers. A one-day final mega event of Ace Fest is a culmination of about a weeklong series of internal competitive events that range from fine arts, business quiz to eloquence, case analysis, best manager and several other management related games. While students showcase their talent as they represent their batch/ section, they get an amazing opportunity to develop their socialization and event management skills.


While Ace Fest is an intra-college event limited to Ace students only, Expressions goes much higher and has been able to set a benchmark of inter-college events in the country. In six years time, Expressions has established itself as a brand that many young students look forward to. About 20-30 colleges, 600 participants compete with each other in 20 various events. With a budget of over two-three million rupees, 30 plus active student volunteers put in massive efforts in marketing, operations and logistics management of the event. The whole setting is fun to watch and people talk about it even weeks and months after the conclusion of the event

Other Events:

We have a routine of Orientation and Induction before the classes begin for every new batch of students. Orientation is a set of diversified well-thought outdoor/ indoor activity-based sessions in which students find a way to break the ice while inculcating in them the foundational knowledge, skills and attitude to be sensible human beings, managers and leaders. As the first day of the college, it is organized in a serene resort, and resides in students’ mind for a long time. Even our alumni talk about the value of Orientation when we meet.

The Induction program is geared towards more training-based activities in the areas of business communication, report writing, presentation, career planning, critical thinking, time-management, research skills and basics of statistics, accounts and management. Spread for about 2 to 3 weeks before the classes begin, these Induction classes bring students together under while they identify their strengths and weaknesses more fully, and develop strong foundation required to complete their courses successfully.

Along with various intra and inter-college events organized by the college, the final formal mega event is Graduation Ceremony. The occasion, formally the last day of student’s college life with us, is a medley of sense of achievement, gratification, gratitude and sorrow of departure.

Treks, Tours and Industrial Visits:

Being a student at Ace is not only about acquirung academic degrees, but also living life fully. Treks, tours and industrial visits within and outside the country are some events that help students redefine themselves, freshen up from the daily hustle-bustle of the city life while strengthening their relationship with college-mates and coming back with some new vigor for life as well as interesting stories to share with.

Our students have trodden path as high as 4,700 meters at Annapurna Base Camp including several other ranges of the country and places like Malayasia, Thailand, Goa, Mumbai, Nainital, Delhi, Kerala, Korea, South Africa, US to name a few. We have also tied up with Maruti, Infosys and Unilever India where our students on an industrial visit not just see the sites from outside but get the opportunity to go on an inside tour and interact with people there.

Student-led Clubs and Events:

The clubs and associations at Ace offer some of the most memorable, interesting and enjoyable aspects of student experience at Ace. Students have scope to accommodate their interests and concerns via participation in more than a dozen clubs and several events/ activities being conducted by them. The clubs are temporary in nature and directly overseen by college management in order to ensure students’ active involvement and learning from the participation.

These clubs provide excellent networking opportunities for students and a place to meet other people with similar interests and ideas, along with an opportunity for students to take on leadership roles.

Our student clubs create:

  • a vibrant community based on the diversity of backgrounds they come from and activities they conduct;

  • opportunities to explore your personal interests while practicing them;

  • opportunities to develop leadership potential; and

  • an exciting schedule of student led events and activities.

The Clubs:


There are over a dozen student clubs at Ace Institute of Management. The Placement Cell, Social Club, Event Management Club, Sports Club, Music Club, Adventure Club, Expressions Club, Entrepreneurs’ Club, Drama Club are to name a few. Students are also encouraged to come up with ideas and form clubs for a cause they can executive. The college management has an encouragement policy for students to bring in ideas that result in value for student fraternity and society at large.