Students actively participate in the learning process as we emphasize on participatory approach and not the rote learning. They build lifelong friendships, get time to rediscover and redefine themselves, and also relish campus life as a truly fulfilling experience. Meaningful extracurricular and co-curricular activities such as tours, workshops, management fests, orientation, induction, social work, school finishing program, guest sessionsetc offer our students an extra edge to grow both as an individual and a professional.

Whether you are seeking study skills, participation in a favorite sport or activity, outings to explore industries and businesses and the world around you, opportunities for social interaction, or information about your education and career options, you’ll be in good hands during your years at Ace. Life at Ace is hectic and rigorous, but never boring.

Our faculty members bring in great amount of diverse experience to share in the classrooms while using case studies, project works and classroom interactions. Each student at Ace finds something that interests her/him outside the classrooms in form of various events and clubs. Even the assignments and project works excite students equally because they offer them chance to use their creative side, explore, socialize and above all be diligent and in the process they learn to realize their potential and go through a transformational experience.

Guided by the philosophy of Learning by Doing, we organize various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to support the core academic curriculum, with the objective to provide our students with hands-on and practical experience of putting into test their management knowledge and skills and honing their professional abilities, along with getting the feel of the real business world.

The following events and activities give a glimpse of the life at Ace.