BatchTopic Name
MBA Spring 2011An Analysis Static Trade-off and Packing order Theories in Nepalese Manufacturing CompaniesAbhishek Mallick
The Effect of Motivational Factors on Employee at Shikhar Insurance and Siddhartha Insurance Companies in NepalAditi Maskey
Impact of Right Issue and Cash Dividend in Shareholders Value; A Study of Selected 'A' Class Listed Companies in NepalAlka Joshi
The Relationship Between Dividend Payout, Capital Structure and Firm Performances of Selected Commercial Banks in NepalAshish Gopal Shrestha
Brand Loyality and Low Involvement Consumer Product in KathmanduDeepika Nepal
Effect of Training on Employee's Performance: A Study in Hotel Annapurna Pvt. Ltd. Of NepalDina Raj Bhandari
Work Life Balance and Organizational Commitment: A Study on Employees of Banking Industry in NepalManisha Shrestha
Bank Performance and Crdeit Risk Management in NepalMira Kandel
An Audit Report and Selected Recruitment Agencies in NepalPoonam Pandey
An Analysis of Deventure Market in Nepal; A Study of Inverstment Bank Ltd., and Himalayan Bank Ltd.Prashraya Ratna Tuladhar
Informal Sources in Finance: A Study on Availability usage trend,and Impact of Business Performance at Micro-Level Enterprises in NepalRaghav Pokhrel
Factors Influcing the Profitability of Nepalese Banking Industry: A Study on Selected Commercial Banks in NepalRatina Tuladhar
A Study on Brand Performance and Consumers' Consumption Behavior on MotorbikesRupa Shrestha
Social Media Effectiveness as a Marketing Tools for Brand Awareness, A Study on Travel Agencies in NepalSaket Adhikari
The Study on Commercial Banks' Investment in Loan and Treasury Bills ,and Their Overall Profitability in NepalSami Byanju
Analysis and Consumer Behavior Towards Pre-Paid Mobile Servicing in NepalSabnam Tamrakar
The Impact of Labor- Management Relation with Organization Productivity: A Study on Selected Manufacturing Companies in NepalShalini Pradhan
A Study of Advertising Effects on Consumers' Buying Behavior for Fast Moving Consumer Goods ProductShrutika Manandhar
A Comparative Study on the Investment Policy of Nabil Bank Ltd. and Himalayan Bank Ltd. in NepalSofiya Shrestha
A Study of Consumer Buying Behavior in Major Departmental Stores in Kathmandu ValleySunil Tuladhar
Spring 2012Human Resource Management Practie and its imapct on Employee commitment in the banking sector of NepalAagya Bajracharya
Determinants of Profitability of Insurance Companies of NepalAastha Sharma
A Study of Consumer Buying Behavior Regarding Home Appliances in Kathmandu ValleyAditya Shrestha
Determinants of Value Chain Analysis in Solar Photovoltaic Industry in Kathmandu valleyAnita Rijal
Impact of visualizer and verbalizer advertisement on consumer buying behavior of motorbike in Kathmandu valleyAnjila Acharya
Training and Development to motivate staffs in Nepalese Media IndustryAsmeet Malla
Impact of psychological empowerment on job satisfaction in banking industryBibiya Mool
A study on the Employees' perspectives on Sexual Harassment at WorkplaceBibhuti Shrestha
Quality of Loan and Profitability of banksChandani Pandey
Work Life Balance of Women Working in Development Bank of NepalDevi Pathak
Impact of Employee Engagement on Turnover IntentionDiva Pradhan
Are Investors rational in the Nepalese Stock Market?Evleen Shakya
Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Purchase DecisionIsha Shrestha
Consumer choices and use of commercial banks' credit cardsLipsa Shrestha
Performance of moving average convergence divergence in NEPSEMaheshwor Tuladhar
Determinants of occupational stress and its impact on turnover Medha Dhital
Analysis of factors affecting NEPSE indexNisha Adhikari
Study of influence of packaging attributes on consumer purchase decision of packaged food in Kathmandu valleyRajeshwor Devkota
Investment choices of individual nepalese investorsRamita Munikar
Breaking through the clutter: An approach to improve advertising effectivenessRoshan K.C
Does Stock Price Behavior of Banking Industry of Nepal follow random walk theory?Roshni Thakuri
Factors affecting impulsive buying behavior among debit card holders in KathmanduSabina Uprety
Consumers awareness and their purchasing behavior for adulterated foodstuffs: with reference to rice grainsSandhya Sapkota
Influence of physical environment on teaching and learning process Sanjupa Giri
Perception of Employess and Employers Toward Trade Union in Ktm valleySelesha K.C
Impact of quality of work life on employees' job satisfactionShristi Tamrakar
Green Marketing and its impact on Consumer Buying BehaviorShulov Shrestha
Organizational factors affecting nepali women's access to managerial positionsSirapa Sayami
Preference of customers on Bhatbhateni supermarket & departmental store in Kathmandu valleySophiya Dhital
Fall 2012A Study on Brand Building Practice of Nepalese SMEs in Start-up PhaseAnita Poudel
Impact of Social Media Marketing on Youth Purchasing Behavior of Apparels in KathmanduBinaya Shrestha
Capital Structure Management of Commercial Banks in NepalBinisha Shakya
Fundamental Analysis of Stock Return in NepalGaurav Pokhrel
Building Brand Image Through Even Sponsorship A Study of Kathmandu ValleyIshwori Shah
A Study of Job Satisfaction of IT Professional in Kathmandu ValleyJunu Shakya
Impact of Human Resource Practices on Employee Retention in Commercial Banks of NepalJyotsna Bajracharya
Impact of Non-Performing Assets on Bank's Financial perfonrmanceLatika Gautam
A Study on Imapct of Television Advertisement on Consumer Buying BehaviorNeiha Joshi
A Study on Brand Preference of Scooters Among Youths in Kathmandu ValleyNikita Kayastha
Impact of TV Advertising on Purchasing Behavior of Housewives: A Study of Home ApplieancesNiroj Dev Pandey
Effectiveness of Advertising and Promotino on the Sale of Hyundai Cars in the Kathmandu ValleyNisha Sharma Adhikari
Financial Service Outreach in Remittance Recipients: A study of Damak MunicipalityNishma Basnet
Quality of Work Life of Employees Working in Metal Craft Industry in LalitpurPrasun Shakya
Study of NEPSE with reference to selected stock in nepal, using monthly moving average approachRobin Prajapati
Factors Affecting Students' Choice for Higher Secondary EducationSabin Kumar Thapa
Consumer Buying Behavior of Two Wheelers in Relation to Exchange OffersSajal Sharma
Comparative Analysis of Stress Testing of Five Selected Commercial Banks in NepalSarita Thapa
Cause Related Marketing on Consumer Purchase Intention in Kathmandu ValleySeitu Hada
Femal Consumer Buying Behavior and Brand Preference of Cosmetic ProductSharon Tiwari
Determinants of Impulse Buying Decision of Consumers at Departmental Stores and Supermarkets in KathmanduShristi Silwal
A Study on the Factors Affecting Consumer's Purchase Decision Towards Smartphones in KathmanduSujita Thapa Magar
Perception of Employees Towards Performance Appraisal in The Nepal Civil ServiceSurakshya Giri
Factors Infleuncing Store Experience of Women's Apparels in Kathmandu ValleySuvekshya Khatri
Impact on Financial Performance of Merger: A Study of Banking Sector of NepalSwati Shah
A study of Liquidity Crisis in Banking Institutions of NepalSworni Pradhan
Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Youth Purchase Intention of Cosmetic Product-A Study on ShampooUpama Pudasaini
Spring 2013Study on Buying Behavior of Working Women on ClothingAnisha Shrestha
Factors Infuencing Eating Out Behavior of Consumers Within Kathmandu ValleyAnkita Shrestha
Bank's Specific Variables Influencing Capital Adequacy Ratio in Nepalese Commercial BanksApsara K.C.
A Study on the Effectiveness of Facebook Marketing on the Consumer Buying BehaviorArunima Rana
Merger and Acquisition: Effect on Financial Performance of Selected Banks of NepalAshmita Joshi
A Study on Factors Influencing Consumers Trust E-CommerceDilasha Rana
A Survey on the Factors Influencing Consumer's Intention to Purchase Counterfeits of Luxury Fashion Brands in Kathmandu ValleyElina Shahi
A Survey on the Impact of Guerilla Marketing on Brand Perception in Kathmandu ValleyGaurav Shrestha
A Study of Factors Affecting on Men's Skin Care Products Purchasing BehaviorJatan Amatya
Study on Service Quality Gaps in Airlines Providers: Within Kathmandu ValleyJyotsana Basnet
Factors Influencing Buying Behavior and its Effect on Post-Purchase Perception of Royal Enfield CustomersKhusbu Shrestha
Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on Buying Behavior of ConsumerNamrata Somani
Study on Consumer Buying Behavior on Purchasing Eperiential Luxury ProductsNikesh Dwa
Factors Influencing Consumer's Buying Behavior on Branded Apparel in Kathmandu ValleyNikita Pradhanang
A Study of the influence of country of origin upon the purchase intention of customers for carsPramit Sthapit
A study on Customer Satisfaction of Samsung Smart Phones with Reference to Kathmandu ValleyPriti Pradhan
Attitude of Individual Nepalese Investors Towards Investment in Mutual FundPrity Agrawal
An Empirical Study on the Impact of Credit Management on Nepalese Commercial Banks PerformanceRekha Agrawal
Factors Affecting Brand Preference of Scooters Among Women Consumers in Kathmandu ValleyRiya Malla
A Study on Factors that Influence Debit Cards Usage on impulse Buying Among Consumers in KathmanduRushma Shakya
Determinants of Consumer Preference on Selecting Fast Food Restaurants in Kathmandu ValleySalona Bania
Service Quality Gaps in Telecommunication Providers: study on NTC and NCELL within Kathmandu ValleySamhita Paudel
Comparative Study of Capital Structure Management of Joint Venture Banks of NepalSujata Timsina
Brand Preference of Laptop among MBA students of Kathmandu ValleySuman Shrestha
Comprarison of Financial Performance of Joint Venture and Domestic Private Commercial Banks of NepalSuprada Duwadi
How firm characteristics affects capital structureSusmita Bhandari
Consumer Preference of Using Mobile Phones in Kathmandu ValleyVedanidhi Acharya
Factors Affecting Impulsive Buying Behavior Among Consumers in Supermarket in Kathmandu ValleyVidha Pradhan
Fall 2013The Infleunce of Country of Origin Image on Purchase Division of LaptopAakash Shrestha
Consumer Buying Behavour of Skoda cars in NepalAditi Singh
A Study on Inbound Tourist behavior After the Nepal Gorkha EarthquakeArunima Shrestha
Impact of Credit Deposit Ratio on Profitability: Evidence From Commercial Banks in NepalArya Rawal
Impact of Foreign aid in Economic growth of NepalChristina Pradhan
Factors Influencing Bank's Liquidity and their Impact on Financial Performance of Nepalese Banking IndustryIchhya Shrestha
Determinants of Non Performing Loans in Nepalese Commercial BanksKabita Bhandari
Study of The Factors Influencing the Stock Market Prices for the Companies Quoted on NepseKushal Koirala
Measuring Customer Satisfacrtion in Private and Public Health Care Sector of Kathmandu BalleyLata Rajak
Consumer Usage and Attitude Study toward Local and Global Shoe Brand in Kathmandu ValleyMegha Shrestha
Consumers Perception Towards Fast Food Restaurants In Kathmandu ValleyNimisha Ghimire
Consumers Acceptance of Organic Foods in Kathmandu ValleyParichaya Sharma
Factors Influencing Retention of Costumers in Hotel IndustriesPrasamsha Karki
Impact of Income Source Diversification on Nepalese Commercial Banks PerformanceRiju Shrestha
Perceived Service quality in restaurant services: Evidenced from the Nanglo Bakery CaféSandeela Shankat Maharjan
Performance Analysis of Nepalese Private Commercial BankShradha Pradhananga
Attitude of Individual Nepalese investors towards investment in Mutual Fund:with reference to Kathmandu cityShristi Pant
Calendar Anomalies: A Case of Nepal Stock exchangeSneha Singhal
Impact of Non-Interest Income of Financial Performance of Joint Venture Banks of NepalSurendra Chalise
Spring 2014A Study of Producer Selling Behavior of Organic Products in Kathmandu ValleyAbishes Amatya
Impact of Social Networking Promotions over Consumer Behavior in Kathmandu ValleyAmrit Raj Tamrakar
A Study on Employee Satisfaction in Aviation Industry: With reference to Buddha and Yeti Airs in NepalAnisha Shahi
A Study on Service Quality and it's Impact on Patient Satisfaction in Private Hospitals of Kathmandu ValleyApurva Ojha
A Study on Impact of Celebrity Endorsement in Buying Behavior of FMCG: With Reference to People Living in Kathmandu ValleyAradhana Pokharel
Factor Affecting Online Buy Behavior of Youth in the Kathmandu ValleyDaliya Bhatta
A study on the factors influencig consumers' buying behaviour towards brand of motorcycleDiksha Shrestha
The Role of Advertisement and Promotional Activities in Consumer Buying Decision of New Brands of Television in KathmandyInashree Piya
Celebrity Endorsement of Cosmetics: A Study of Consumers' Perception and Buying BehaviorJeny Shrestha
Consumer's Satisfaction towards Samsung Smartphone within Kathmandu ValleyKishor Bastakoti
Customer Satisfacton of Online Shopping in Kathmandu - Motivators and Inhibitors Madhuri Maheshwori Shrestha
The analysis of Merger Effect in Financial Performance in Banking Institution of NepalMagina Shrestha
A Study on Traveler's Satisfaction of Service Quality Atrributes in TIA kathmanduNarayani Joshi
Impact of Non-Performing Assets on Commercial Banks in NepalParas Mani Bajracharya
A Study of Influence of Sales Promotion on Consumer Purchase Decision Through esewa as a service provider Pratima Kunwar
Determinants of Deposit and Loan of Commercial Banks in NepalPriya Joshi
Factors Determining Investment Decision on Initial Public Offering of Nepalese Banking IndustryRicha Shrestha
Consumer Perception of Brand Building Through Social MediaRikesh Aryal
A Study Of Determinants Of Stock Market Price In Nepal Roshan Shah
Factors Affecting Financial Performance of Microfinance Institutions in NepalSalina Manandhar
Effectiveness of Television Commercials on Consumer Buying Behavior in Kathmandu ValleySamee Bajracharya
Consumers Purchase Decision of Cars in Kathmandu ValleySamyek Shakya
Factors Influencing Investment Decision: A Study on Individuals Investors within Kathmandu ValleyShristi Manandhar
Consumer Perception Towards QFX cinemas in KTM valleySmriti Hyoju
Influence of Packaging Attributes on Consumer Purchase Decision of Cosmetic Products: A Study in Kathmandu ValleySumi Shrestha
Efforts of Customer Relationship Management on Customer Satisfactions in the Supermarkets of Kathmandu ValleyUrika Karmacharya
Fall 2014Study of Effectiveness of Advertising in Nepalese MediaAisha Shakya
Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behavior of Green Products in KathmanduAmeera Shristi Bajracharya
Service Quality Gaps in Domestic Airlines: Within Kathmandu ValleyAsma Basnet
Mobile Banking in Nepal: Issues and ChallengesBibek Paneru
Social Media Channels in Infleuncing Buying Behavior of Customers in Kathmandu ValleyGitanjali Bhatta
Factors Affecting the Buying Behavior of Instant Noodles in Kathmandu ValleyManisha Bistha
Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Taxi Service in KathmanduNeerav Nayabha
Factors Affecting Investment Decision of individual and Institutional Investors in nepalese Capital MarketPawan Sahani
The Factors Influencing Consumers' Attitude Towards Social Media Marketing; Brand BuildingPichu Sayami
Determinants of Decision Making Among Spouse for Purchase of Electronics in NepalPratik Adhikari
Financial Indicators and their Relation with Market Price of Shares: A Case of Joint Venture Banks of NepalPratima Pradhan
Online Shopping Behavior of Business Students in Kathmandu ValleyPriya Shrestha
Consumer Behavior Towards Purchasing Organic FoodsRachhika Karanjit
Cosumer Response on Packaging of FMCG Products and its Effects on Brand Image in Kathmandu ValleyReecha Shrestha
Consumer Buying Behavior Towards Smartphones in Kathmandu ValleyShabnam Adhikari
Factors Influencing Selection of Specialization among MBA Students in KathmanduSushant Thapa
Brand Equity Towards Consumer Purchasing Intentions on Nepalese Brand of ShoesSushmita Shrestha
Credit Risk Manageent and Financial Performance of Joint Ventures Bnaks in NepalTrishna Upadhyaya
Impact of Nutritional Labeling on Customer Buying Behaviour in Kathmandu ValleyUtshah Sharma
Spring 2015Factors affecting individual investor decision making behaviour in Nepalese stock marketAbhishek Tuladhar
The effectiveness of destination marketing for the promotion of tourism in NepalAnisha Shrestha
The Impact Of Training And Development Of Empowering Productivity And Performance Of Employees In Ecommerce Industries In NepalAnju Maharjan
The study of current status on deposit and lending of selected NepaleseArchana Pyakurel
A Study of Consumer Online Shopping Attitudes in Kathmandu ValleyAshish Kumar Jha
The Impact of Non-Interest Income on The Financial Performance of Commercial Banks of NepalBharat Kumar Agrawal
Intellectual capital and its impact on organization performance in the Nepalese commercial banksDibya Dhungana
Factors Influencing the Profitability of Micro-Enterprises in the Context of Province 5, Nepal Kripa Paudel
The determinants of employee performance in selected commercial banks of NepalMohita Thapa
Impact of Non-Interest income on the Financial Performance of Joint Venture banks of NepalNiraj Agrawal
Service Quality and Consumer Satisfaction with NTC and Ncell Telecommunication providers in KathmanduNishika Shrestha
Consumer Purchase Decision on Buying SmartPhones Inside Kathmandu ValleyPrabina Shrestha
Pre and Post Merger financial performance analysis of commercial banks of NepalPrasansha Rawal
Buying decision of investors in Nepalese Capital marketPraweel Sindhuliya
Determinants of Capital Adequacy in Commercial Banks in NepalRahul Rathi
The impact of loan quality on performance of the Nepalese joint venture banksRaj Maharjan
A Study on Teacher's Job Satisfaction in Private SchoolsRojina K.C
Impact of Financial Indicators on Market Price of Share of Nepalese Commercial Banks Sabita Mahat
The study on employee turnover in IT-Firms in NepalSaleena Pudasaini
Determinant of Non-Performing Loans in commercial baks of NepalSanuj Khadka
Factors Influencing Consumers Decision On Selection Of Fast Food ProductsSmarika Khatri
Factors influencing profitability of Joint Venture Bank in NepalSophiya Shakya
Occupational stress and its impact on job performance among medical practitioners in KathmanduSudeshna Mahat
Income Structure And Profitability In Non- Life-Insurance Companies Of Nepal Sushanta Gautam
The relationship between capital structure and profitability of Nepalese commercial banksYojana Singh Chhetri
Fall 2015A Study of Individual Investors Investment Decision of Nepalese Stock MarketAbhilasha Thapa
Factors Affecting Impulsive Buying Behavior among Consumers in Supermarkets in Kathmandu ValleyAjita Giri
Factors Affecting Investors Decision Towards Initial Public Offering in Nepalese MarketAshim Amatya
A Study Of Investors Decision Towards Initial Public Offerings Ashmita K.C
Role of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Purchase Decision of Apparel Products in KathmanduAvinash Hada
Investors Behavior On Investment Decisions In stock Market of Nepal Bidhan Chandra Jha
Factors Influencing Online Brand Trust: Evidence from Online Buyers in Kathmandu, NepalBina Kharel
Determinants of Capital Structure in Nepalese Commercial Bank Eliza Suwal
Factors Affecting Individual Investor's Decision Making in Nepalese Stock MarketGanesh P Adhikari
Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Purchase Behavior of Cosmetic ProductsJharana Bhandari
A Study of Service Quality Provided by Maternity Hospitals in Kathmandu Valley, NepalKiran Bhetwal
Buying Behavior of Working Women on Clothing In Kathmandu ValleyMausami Shrestha
Factors Influencing Investors Decisions of Individual Investors On Nepalese Stock MarketMegha Guragain
Factors Influencing Online Buying Behavior Among Youths of Kathmandu ValleyMitunja Subedi
Men Buying Behavior towards Branded Readymade Garments in KathmanduNirja Tamrakar
A Study on Factors Influencing Non-Performing Loan in Commercial Banks in NepalNisha Puri
A Study of Investors Perception of Nepalese Commodity MarketParibartan Regmi
The Credit Risk Management and Financial Performance of Nepalese Commercial BanksPragya Dahal
Factors Influencing Consumer Engagement in Electronic World of Mouth (EWOM) in Social Networking Pramila Katwal
Consumer Willingness to Pay on Organic Vegetables in Kathmandu ValleyPrativa Adhikari
The Factors Affecting Consumer Preferences on Multiplex in Kathmandu ValleyRaisha Baniya
Factors Influencing Customer Online Buying Satisfaction in Kathmandu ValleyRaunak Bohra
Determinants of Financial Performance of Commercial Banks of Nepal: A Comparative StudyRekha M. Shrestha
Impact of Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction in Telecommunication Industry of NepalSajal Ghimire
Post-Merger Financial Performance Appraisal of Acquiring Commercial Bank in Nepal: A Case StudySamin Shrestha
Dynamics of Capital Structure and Its Impact on Performance of Development BanksSanju Kafle
Service Switching Behavior of Consumers in Nepalese Banking IndustryShristi Shrestha
Factors Affecting Consumers' Preferences on Fast Food Items in Kathmandu ValleyUrusha Kaspal
Spring 2016Factors Influencing Usage Of Credit Card Of Kathmandu Valley Alish Gupta
Relationship between Asset Allocation Policy and Performance of Nepalese Mutual Funds Amir Adhikari
Cash Holding Determinants and Its Impact: A Study of Nepalese Manufacturing Companies Bilasha Shrestha
Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction and Revisit Intention towards Fast Food ResturantsBinita Maka
Impact Of Service Quality On Pasenger Satisfaction : A Study Report On Buddha Air Lani Shrestha Vaidya
Economic Growth of Nepal: Macroeconomic Determinants and TrendsLuna Ghimire
Determints of Lending Of Commercial Banks in Nepal Manju Shrestha
Factors Affecting Entrepreneur Preference on Venture Capital and Bank Financing in NepalOshin Baidya
A Comparison of Financial Performance in Banking Sector Pawan Kumar Aryal
Influence Of Promotional Activities On Consumer Purchase Intention Of Nepali Movies Pragya Sharma
A Study on Customer Satisfaction on Honda Two-Wheelers in Kathmandu Valley Pranisha Tuladhar
Impact of KAP on the Financial Literacy of Household Investors Rajan Shrestha
Effects Of Social Media Marketing On Consumer Buying Behavior Of ApparelsRanu Joshi
Investors and Executives Perspective towards Debenture Market in NepalRashmi Manandhar
Consumer Attitute towards Social Media Advertising and their Behavioral ResponseRenu Shrestha
Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds in NepalReshu Ingnam
Factors Influencing Behavioral Bias of Investors in Nepalese Stock MarketRoshani Aryal
Factors Influencing Females While Selecting Cosmetics (Facial Care Products) Brands In Kathmandu ValleyRubina Aryal
Investors' Preference towards Investment in Mutual Fund Sabina Shakya
Effects of Asset Liability Management on Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in NepalShikha Agrawal
Impact Of Humorous Advertising Of Male Footwear On Buying BehaviorShreya Acharya
A Study Of Gender Differences In Apparel Buying Behavior Among Youth In Kathmandu ValleySmriti Pradhan
Store Visualization Effects On Impulse Buying Behavior Of Consumer On Fashion ApparelSupriti Dahal
Determinants of Capital Structure in Joint Venture Bank of Nepal Susma Koirala
Impact of Deceptive Advertising on Consumer BehaviorYeshaswee Shrestha
Fall 2016Perception of MBA Students towards Civil ServiceAaisha Bista
Perception of Telemarketing Among Business Consumers Within Kathmandu ValleyAliza Shiwakoti
Employee Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction and Financial Performance :An Empirical Study in Banking Industry of NepalAnmol Pandey
Impulsive Buying Behavior Regarding Apparel PurchaseAsmita Joshi
Factors Affecting Females Buying Decision of Smart Phone Kirti Nidhi Pareek
Green Marketing and its Impact on Consumers' Products Choices in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal Manila Devkota
Factors Influencing Gen Y Turnover Behavior At Workplce Neema Thapa
Study on Impulsive Buying at Variety Chain Store Nilisha Tamrakar
Perception held by Male Employees towards Female Employees in IT Industry: How The Workplace Adopts The Stereotypical Male Leadership RolesPalsna Ranjit
Impact of Facebook Activities in Influencing Cunsumer Purchase Intention for Holiday Package Pascal Pradhan
Gender Stereotype and Job Motivation Pema Lama
The Impact of Non Interest Income on Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Nepal Pooja K.C
Factors Influencing Nepalese companies Preference on Lease and Buy Pooja Pandey
Existence of Overconfidence Bias among Investors and Its Impact on Investment DecisionPragya Bista
The Impact of Reward System on Employees Turnover Intention In Nepalese Commercial Banks Prapti Rana
Factors Influencing Effective Inventory Management of SupermarketPushpa Kunwar
Factors Influencing Consumer's Brand Choice of Shoes in Kathmandu Valley Rabin Pandit
Effect of Income Diversification on Risk Adjusted Profitability of Commercial Banks and Development BanksRubina Prajapati
Investors' Awareness in Mutual FundSanjeevana Khanal
College Students Perception and Behavior Regarding Facebookn Advertising Shalu Bajaj
Credit Risk Management of Commercilal Bank in NepalShreya Pradhan
Gender Difference and Career Choice Among MBA Students Sradda Ghimire
Factors Influencing Loan Repayment in Microfinance Institutions in Bhaktapur District, NepalSukriti Giri
Human Resource Practices and Its Impact on Employee Turnover In Commercilal Bank Supree Shrestha
Impact of Post-Merger and Acquisition on Employee Job SatisfactionSupriya Shakya
Spring 2017Influence of Children on Family Purchase Decision Aakriti Sarawagi
Modelling the Barriers to Mobile Payment System in the Nepalese Payment Scenario: An ISM ApproachAnisha Tamrakar
Entrepreneur's Success Factors on Small amd Medium Enterprise Bhawana Bhandari
Value of Skill Training in Improvement of Socio-Economic Status of Microfinance Beneficiaries: A Case Study of Lele Village, Lalitpur Bibhu Raj Paudel
Factors Affecting Borrower's Selection of Banks and Financial Institutions for Home Loan in Nepal Bidit Rawal
Right Share Issue and Its Impact on Market Price of Common Stock in Nepal Grishma Baral
Variation of Employment Expectation amongst MBA Students Jigyasha Khadka
Impact of Contextual Factors on Entrepreneurial Intention of MBA Students in Nepal Manish Man Shrestha
Consumer Engagement with Various Media and Its Effects on Consumer Behavior on Oral Care Neha Ghimire
Determinant Factors that Affect Continuance Intention to Use Smartphone for Learning Process by Students Nisha Karki
Factors Influencing Intention to Quit Job among Entry Level Employees in Commercial Bank Rinky Shah
Choice of Life Insurance Policy by Individuals and Its Impact on Personal InvestmentRubina Joshi
Impact of Job Characteristics on Organizational Citizenship Behavior in NIC Asia Bank Ruma Rajbhandari
Impact of Sales Promotional Tools on Consumer's Buying Behavior of Modern Retail Market Shreya Murarka
Role of Product Packaging on Consumer Buying Behaviour of Food Products of Food Products in Nepal Shrijana Gurung
A Comparative Study on Structural Change and Sectoral Performance of Nepalese EconomySumedha Sharma
Financial Literacy and Investment Decision of Nepalese Investor Upamanyu Kaphley
Impact of Electronic Word of Mouth on Online Impulsive Buying Behavior Yuva Nyaupane
Comparative Study on Performance of Mutual Fund Schemes in Nepal Chandra Bd. Chaudhari
Financial Performance Evaluation of Life Insurance Companies of Nepal Suman Chapagain
Concumer Purchase Intention towards Counterfeit footwear in Nepal Kalpana Kakshyapati
Fall 2017Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Market Index: A Comparative Study on NEPSE and BSE SENSEX Indices Aditya Shrestha
Factors Affecting Female Buying Behavior of Shoes in Kathmandu Valley Anusha Shakya
Factors Influencing Customer Preference for Multiplex Cinemas in Kathmandu Valley Arnav Sarawagi
Impact of Financial Indicator on Market Price per Share of Nepalese Micro-Finances Ashmita K.C
Consumer Buying Behavior on Smart Watch Adoption Intention in Kathmandu Valley Bishakha Rajbhandari
Impact of Tourism Indicators on GDP of Nepal Chandra Kala Rai
Factors Affecting Adoption of Internet Banking in Kathmandu Valley Deebya Shrestha
Performance Measurement of Nepalese Micro-Finance Institutions through CAMEL Approach Dikshya Maskey
Analysis on Impact of Bank Branch Spread on Financial Performance of Commercial Banks of Nepal Manika Shrestha
A Study on Consumer Perception on Packaging of Energy Drinks in Nepal Manisha Khadka
Factors Affecting the Buying Behavior of Men Apparels in Kathmandu Valley Pratap Narayan Shrestha
Customer Satisfaction on Agency Banking in Nepalese Commercial Banks Samiksha Subedi
Factors Affecting Customers' Level of Satisfaction on ATM Services of Nepalese Commercial BanksSapana K.C Sijapati
Perspective of Millenials on Job Satisfaction in Telecommunication Industry Shanti Gurung
Factors Influencing Consumer's Brand Choice of Skin Care Products in Kathmandu Valley Shraddha Adhikari
Criteria of Selecting Commercial Bank in Nepalese Banking Sector: Study of Working People in Kathmandu Valley Subarna Adhikari Chhetri
Impact of Monetary Policy Instruments on Profitability of Commercial Banks in Nepal Subu Bhumi
Liquidity Risk and Its Determinants in Microfinance Institutions Sujana Gurung
A Study on Financial Sustainability of Micro-Finance Institutions of Nepal Suvam Shrestha
Impact of Merger and Acquisition Announcement on Shareholders' Value: An Event StudySylvie Siddhi Bajracharya
Factors Influencing Behavioral Intention to Revisit Star Hotels of Kathmandu Yashika Bogati
Impact of Financial Distress on Profitability of Nepalese Commercial Banks Laxmi Prasad Dhungana
Factors Influencing Choice of Banks and Financial Institutions among Undergraduate Students of Kathmandu ValleyKrishna Raj Bhetuwal
Determinants of Capital Structure of Micro-Finance Institutions in Nepal Ramesh Prasad Chalise
A Study on Nepalese Microfinance Institutions Efficiency through DEA Approach Abhash Jha
Supervisor's Emotional Intelligence and Employee's Organizational Commitment in IT Industrry Ankita Shrestha
A Study on Buying Behavior of Women on Designer in Boutique in Kathmandu Valley Astha Adhikari
Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Ride Sharing Service in KathmanduBinu Chaudhary
Impact of Financial Indicators on Share Price of Micro Finance Institutions Manila Joshi
Bank Attributes and Demographic Factors in Determining Customer's Choice of Commercial Banks Manisha Kattel
Entrepreneurial Intention among Graduating Students Nikita Sharma Ghimire
Comparative Study on Service Quality of Government Private and Joint Venture Banks Nishta Dhami
Factors Influencing Employee Job Satisfaction as Moderated by Merger and Acquisition: The Case of Commercial and Development BanksPratiksha Kattel
Factors Affecting Investors' Decision towards Initial Public Offering in Nepalese Stock MarketRijeeta Manandhar
Liquidity Analysis of Commercial Banks in Nepal Rozina Shrestha
Effects of Word of Mouth Communication on Consumers' Choices of Hospitals Sabina Neupane
A Study on the Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Financial Performance of Banks and Financial Institutions of Nepal Sachet Das Tuladhar
Determinants of Work Life Balance Affecting Employees' Job Satisfaction: The Study of Nepalese Commercial Banks Saru Lamichhane
Factors Affecting Brand Preference of Nokia Phone Sima Neupane
Consumer's Awareness to Wards Health InsuranceSolina Dhaurali
A Consumer Satisfaction Survey on Service Quality of Wordlink in Kathmandu Valley Srijan Chalise
Effect of Instagram Use on Consumer Purchase Intention in Kathmandu Yuwraj Rai
Perception of Individual Investors towards Investment in Mutual Fund: With Reference to Kathmandu ValleyBadri Prasad Khanal
Credit Risk Management Practice in Saving and Credit Cooperatives Sunil Kumar Chand
Factors Affecting Customers' Behavioral Intention Regarding Mobile Banking in Kavre District Rojy Mallepati Shrestha
Consumer Perception Regarding Digital Payment Mode E-Sewa Sristina Batajoo
Spring 2018Factors Influencing Buying Behavior of Consumers towards Home Improvement Products Stores in Kathmandu Valley Anish Bhuju
Factors Influencing Investment Decision on Gold Bishesh Thapa