Centrally located in New Baneshwor, at the north-east corner of Birendra International Conventional Center (BICC), The Undergraduate School at Ace Institute of Management provides Facilities that create conducive learning environment for students. The facilities create a vibrant and encouraging environment which fosters knowledge-gaining and knowledge-sharing.

The Library houses a large collection of books, reference texts, magazines, journals and online access to several e-libraries, as well as computers for in-library use. Believing that technology is an integral part of the learning process, our library continues to add significant extra e-resources, which will help to make learning more easily accessible and handy for the students.  The reading resources, both physical and e-resources are both business and non-business in nature, considering the holistic development of the students. The library also consists of discussion rooms where the students work in teams to study and learn together.

Computer Lab
The facilities also include a well-equipped Computer Lab, which houses around 60 computers, and allows every student a terminal which enables online learning across the curriculum. Since substantial part of the students’ teaching-learning process includes researching, analyzing and exploring various information and knowledge of the business world, both in national and international context, the computer lab assists them in gaining these insights, which then helps them in better preparing for their curriculum-related purposes and beyond.

All the Classrooms at Ace Undergraduate School are spacious, well-ventilated, carpeted, equipped with laptops and multimedia projectors which are used for classroom presentations and other interactive learning activities. In order to support and optimize use of electronic resources, the entire campus has a wireless network coverage which enables laptops to connect to the schools network and the Internet. Classrooms cater to class groups of 35 to 50 students. Since classrooms form a large part of teaching-learning process, special attention is provided to ensure that it assists the students well in the teaching-learning process.

The institution also consists of an Auditorium with a capacity of 200 people. It is designed to host guest lecture sessions, skill development workshops, award distribution ceremonies and intra/inter-school competitions and musical events.

Sports Facilities
Sports Facilities include a hard court; a multi functional area that lends itself to many sports. Other Sports Facilities include a badminton court and table tennis tables which are popular among the students and staff.

The institution also has its own Canteenwhich is spacious, lively, and hygienic and serves healthy and delicious food-items.