Ashish Tiwari

Ashish Tiwari

The EMBA program at Ace Institute of Management is a trailblazer. When we embarked on our journey with the program in 1999, it was the first EMBA program in the country. Over the past decade, it has become the most successful programs of its kind in the nation. The program in fact has a magical value when it comes to enhancing the career efficacy of participants. The knowledge and skills participants gain in the program prepares them for the challenges of greater work responsibilities thereby fuelling their drive to excel.

The program has actually become a melting pot, attracting participants from a wide range of professions. Educators, journalists, pharmacists, engineers, lawyers, bankers, entrepreneurs, accountants are some of the few to mention. This diversity in vocation of participants in the program makes the program unique and their learning more meaningful.

Not everyone can cope with the academic rigor and the intensity that the program demands. The program is most suitable to those who have indomitable will to succeed and unusual discipline to balance home, study, and work. It is wonderful being among the participants who have admirable ability to balance work, family, social life, classes, assignments, term papers, projects and examinations, and still excel in all.

I look forward to welcoming another extraordinary group of individuals that will further enrich our Ace EMBA community.

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