Year 1 Semester I

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
ENG 101English I3
MTH 101Business Mathematics I3
ACC 121Financial Accounting I3
MGT 111Principles of Management3
MIS 101Computer & IT Applications3

Year 1 Semester II

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
ENG 102English II3
MTH 102Business Mathematics II3
ACC 122Financial Accounting II3
PSY 101General Psychology3
ECO 101Introductory Microeconomics3

Year 2 Semester III

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
ENG 201Business Communication I3
STT 101Business Statistics3
FIN 131Essentials of Finance3
SOC 101Fundamentals of Sociology3
ECO 201Introductory Macroeconomics3

Year 2 Semester IV

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
ENG 202Business Communication II3
STT 201Data Analysis & Modeling3
MGT 211Fundamentals of Organization Behavior3
MKT 241Principles of Marketing3
FIN 231Financial Management3

Year 3 Semester V

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
ACC 221Basics of Managerial Accounting3
RCH 311Business Research Methods3
MGT 314Management of Human Resources3
MGT 311Fundamentals of Operation Management3
Concentration I3

Year 3 Semester VI

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
MIS 201Introduction to Management Information Systems3
LAW 291Legal Aspects of Business & Technology3
MGT 212Business & Society3
PRJ 491Project Work3
Concentration II3

Year 4 Semester VII

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
MGT 411Business Environment in Nepal3
MGT 312Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship3
INT 391Internship3
Elective I3
Concentration III3

Year 4 Semester VIII

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCredit Hours
MGT 412Strategic Management3
MGT 313Introduction to International Business3
MIS 202Essentials of e-Business3
Elective II3
Concentration IV3

Concentration Courses (one course from the following fields)

Marketing (Any four courses) 
MKT 441Consumer Behavior
MKT 442Advertising and sales Promotion
MKT 443Sales Management
MKT 444Retail Marketing
MKT 445Service Marketing
MKT 446Foreign Trade Management
Finance (Any four courses) 
FIN 431Corporate Finance
FIN 432Microfinance
FIN 433Investment Management
FIN 434Bank Operations and Management
FIN 435Risk Management and Insurance
FIN 436Fundamentals of Financial Derivatives
FIN 437Financial Institutions and Markets
Small Business and Entrepreneurship (Any four courses) 
SBE 461Small Business Entrepreneurship
SBE 462Small Business Finance
SBE 463Rural Marketing
SBE 464Retail Management
SBE 465Social Entrepreneurship
SBE 466Venture Ideas and Models
Accounting (Any four courses) 
ACC 421Taxation
ACC 422Auditing
ACC 423Advanced Management Accounting
ACC 424Accounting Information System
ACC 425Accounting Reports and Financial Statement Analysis
ACC 426Special Topics in Accounting
Human Resource (Any four courses) 
HRM 451Labour-Management Relations
HRM 452Contemporary Issues in HRM
HRM 453Compensation and Benefits Management
HRM 454Negotiation and Conflict Management
HRM 455Performance Appraisal
HRM 456Human Resource Development

Elective Courses

Elective Courses (TWO courses from the following list)

The courses offered in this area are basically of non-business nature. These are offered to widen the knowledge base of students in social and development issues. A college can also develop and offer any other non-business elective courses with the prior approval of the Subject Committee and the Dean.

NBE 391Society and Politics
NBE 392 Basic Econometrics
NBE 393Social Ecology and Environment
NBE 394Media and Public Relations
NBE 395Energy and Sustainable Development
NBE 396Management and Technology
NBE 397Population Dynamics and Development Challenges
NBE 398Creative Thinking and Problem Solving