Ace Unplugged is an annual musical event which has been organized as a music tradition at Ace, where music lovers come together to celebrate their love for music through live performances of unplugged versions of songs. Unplugged is generally referred to a more romanticized and softer version of a song. Unplugged will be held on…

Entertainment Week

Entertainment Week is a three-day event, which incorporates various fun and child-like events such as sack-race, spoon-race, musical chair, dumb charades etc. to create a reminiscing environment,  where students play these games, are refreshed and can recall their childhood memories. Entertainment Week will be held on August 2017.

MBA Fresher’s Party 2017

Ace MBA students celebrated Fresher’s Welcome on May 28, 2017. The event was organized by MBA Term III students at Moksh, Jhamsikhel. The auditorium was decorated beautifully following the Theme “Devil and Angles”. The event was full of fun with dance, songs, music, games and multiple talent rounds for selecting Mr. and Ms. Fresher’s.