MBA Evening Fall 2009Study on career choice of MBA students and their Future PlanningAbhaya SJB Rana
After Sales Service, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: A Study of Nepal (Medical Equipment Market)Amar Shrestha
The Impact of Credit Risk Management of Financial Performance in Nepalese Commercial BanksAmit Shrestha
Customers Differentiation about service quality of private Hospitals in KathmanduBikash Thapa
Attitute and Practice of Medical Practitioners towards Nepalese Pharmaceutical ProductsBishal Gauli
Impact Of Television Advertisement on Consumer Behavior with Reference to Soft DrinksDil Bahadur Khadka
of Dividend Policy on Share Price Volatility in Nepalese Banking InstitutionsHimanshu Agrawal
A Study of Fund Mobilization of Selected Joint Venture and Non Joint Venture Commercial Banks of NepalIsha Kandel
Brand Preference of Laptop among consumers in Kathmandu ValleyKamal Dev Sharma
A Study on Procurement Management Practices and Challenges in Commercial Banks of NepalKamlesh Giri
An Analysis of Dividend Distribution of Commercial Banks of NepalManish Lal Tamrakar
Financial Constraints affecting Youth Entrepreneurship in KathmanduNiranjan Sapkota
Financial Structure and It's Impact on Performance of Upgraded Commercial Banks in NepalNitesh Kumar Agrawal
Brand Performance and Brand Loyalty on Coffee ProductsNitesh Kayastha
Macro Economic Determinants Affecting Total Deposit And Bank's Perspective Towards DepositorsPramesh Man Pradhan
Determinants of Non Performing Assets of Nepalese Commercial BanksReshma Shrestha
The Impact of Mergers in Financial Performances of Selected Commercial Banks and Financial Institutions (BFIs) in NepalRojesh Bhakta Shrestha
Relationship Among Working Capital, Output and Performance Variables of a Textile Company - A Case on New Anil Textile Industries Pvt. Ltd.Saket Bagaria
Behavioural intention towards using Ncell 3G service in KathmanduSamita Neupane
Saving Habits of Banking Professional of Commercial BanksShanti Gurung
A study on Factors affecting consumers loyalty: A prespective of Resturents in Kathmandu ValleySurina Dangol
Determinants of Banks Liquidity and their Impact on Financial Performance in Nepalese Commercial BanksSushil Subedi
Factors influencing Buying Behaviour of ring back tone service in NepalSushma Dawadi
Effect of Personality Characteristics on Sales Performance of Salesperson on Shopping Malls in Kathmandu ValleyUjwal Khadka
Investors' Perception and Attraction Towards Debt Instruments in NepalVictor Ram Shrestha
MBA Evening Spring 2010Profitibility Analysis of Commercial Banks of NepalAjay Shrestha
Quality of Work Life and its Impact on Organizational Commitment among the Faculty Members of Private Engineering Colleges of KathmanduAndrew Dahal
Analysis of Investment Decision in Small Hydropower Projects: A Study of Siuri Khola of Lamjung District, NepalAniruddha Shakya
Relationship Between Liquidity and Profitability of Selected Commercial Banks in NepalAnuja Sthapit
A Study of Brand Equity on MBA Program of Nepalese UniversitiesBaikuntha Prasad Shrestha
Calender Anomalies in Nepalese Stock Market & Implications for InvestorsHarihar Subedi
A Study of Consumer Behavior towards high involvement products and its Marketing Implications in NepalKeshant Shrestha
Impacts of Demographic Variables on Conflict Handling Styles of Nepalese EmployeeKiran Prasad Shrestha
Determinants Of Commercial Banks' Lending Behavior in NepalNirakar Mulmi
Brand Equity Valuation of Telecom Industry in NepalNiranjan Ghimire
Factors affecting Switching Behaviour of Deposits/ Saving Customers in NIC Asia BankNiranjan Shrestha
Profitability Analysis of Selected Commercial Banks in NepalNitesh Pradhan
Impact of Corporate Governance on Key Performance Indicators of Banks & Financial Institutions in NepalPrabal Dhaubhadel
Relationship Between Workers Remittance and Macro Economic Variables in NepalPradeep Rai Giri
Role of Trade Union On Job Satisfaction of Employees of Selected Commercial Banks of KathmanduPrativa Shrestha
Technology Transfer & its Utililization in Joint Venture & Domestic Commercial Banks in NepalPravin Tibrewala
Impact Of Television Advertisement On Consumer Buying Behavior Of Cosmetic ProductsPriyanka Amatya
Subscription Pattern on pricing behavior of IPO in NepalRabina Maharjan
Relationship between Macroeconomic Variables in Stock Market Index : Evidence from NEPSERajit Khadgi
Strategies for the Promotion of Customer Loyalty in Nepalese Telecom Service IndustrySanjay Kumar Raouniyar
Impact of Sales Promotion Programme on Sales & Conumer Buying Behavior : A Perspective to Iron & Steel Market in NepalSarik Bogati
Analysis of Retention Based work life balance in Nepalese Banking IndustryShristina Manandhar
Predicting Distress in Class 'C' Financial Institutions in NepalSujan Shrestha
Impact Of Mergers On Lending Behavior Of Nepalese Financial InstitutionsSumit Bhandari
Consumers Buying Decision Making for Motorcycle ' A Case of Banepa City'Adhuttam Degam Raj Shakya
Financial Performance Assessment of Commercial Banks 'A Comparative Study Between Joint Venture & Domestic Private Banks in Nepal'Deepak Joshi
A Study of Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality in Commercial BanksDivya Paudyal
Causes of Attrition in Senior Level Employees on Selected Commercial Banks of NepalJackson Subedi
Coparative Analysis of Non Performing Assets between Jyoti Bikash Bank Ltd and Ace Development Bank LtdJyoti Thapa
Passenger Decision Making Behavior and its Impact on Airlines Marketing in NepalManish Jung Joshi
Consumer's Perception on Service Quality of Banks in NepalMerina Amatya
Motivational Factors for Potential MBA Graduates to choose OrganisationsNeha Joshi
Impact of Online Marketing on Promotion of Sales in Selected Hotels of KathmanduPrabha Gautam
OFF Balance Sheet Activities ' A Study with reference to Joint Venture Banks in Nepal'Prashant Kumar Sharma
Team Dynamics and Job Satisfaction ' Study of Information of ICT Jonholders in Nepal'Prerana Joshi
Factors Influencing Investment Decision in Nepalease Stock Market : A Study on Individual InvestorsPritesh Ghimire
Factors Affecting Conumer Behavior in Subscribing Internet ServicesPriti Limbu
Customer Satisfaction Towards Credit Card Service Provided by Nabil BankRajan Maharjan
Factos Affecting Conumer Choices of Branded ApparelRoshan Chamling Rai
Macroecomic & Bank Specific Factors affecting Non Performing LoansSabiv Shrestha
Determinants of Financial Performance Among Nepalese Commercial BanksSadichya Pandey
Consumer Buying Behavior for low involvement goods: A case study of Bhaktapur DisctrictSarad Sharma Dhungel
An Exploratory Study on Management Graduating Students in Nepal Choosing Entrepreneurship as a CareerSarvesh Mainali
Performance Analysis of Nepal Bank Limited and Everest Bank Limited of NepalSekhar Dahal
Impact of Handmande Paper Industry on Economic Status of Nepalese EntreprenuersSirish Narsing Shakya
Factors Affecting Impulse Buying Behavior of Urban Nepalese Consumers at Departrmental StoresSubani Moktan Tamang
Online Consumer Purchasing Behavior Among the Youth of Kathmandu ValleyUjala Shrestha
Factors Affecting Choice of Home Entertainment Products in KathmanduVinay Prakash Shrestha
MBA Evening Fall 2010Consumers Brand Preference for Fashion Ware in Nepal: A Study inside Kathmandu ValleyAabha Shrestha
Determinants of Share Price and Their Inter relationship; With Reference to Nepalese Commercial BanksAlex Tuladhar
Relationship between the Stock Market and Macroeconomic FactorsAmod Niroula
Measuring Brand Knowledge of BEKO Home Appliances in the Kathmandu ValleyAnuj Shrestha
Determinants of Capital Structure of Commercial Banks of NepalAnup Sharma
Role of ICTs on Empowering Local Entrepreneurs in Remote VDCs of Myagdi of NepalArchana Sharma
Information Security Practice for Preventing White Collar Crime in Information Technology Companies of NepalArisha Gurung
Suply Chain Management Practice and its Impact on Customer SatisfactionBibek Pokharel
Determinants of Capital Structure of Hydropower Companies in NepalBimal Raj Raut
Factors Affecting the Bank Liquidity:Study of Selected Commercial Banks in NepalBimesh Man Pati
Analyzing the Relationship between Money Supply and NEPSE IndexCheteze Tamang
An Analysis of Website Quality in context of Internet Marketing:With reference to Selected Travel and Tourism Companies of Kathmandu ValleyDeepika Parajuli
The Impact of Liquidity Risk Management on Financial Performance of Selected Commercial Banks of NepalHasana Pradhan
The Trend Analysis of Off Balance Sheet Items of Selected Commercial Banks of NepalKarishma Gautam
Influcing Facrors of Marketing on Adoption of Social Innovation:A Study on Ceramic Water Filters in Fulbari VDC of Kavre DistrictKripa Sharma
Performance Analysis of Commercial Banks using CAMEL ModelKrishna Prasad Chaulagain
Significance of Non-Performing Assets in Nepalese Banking Industry: A Study on Nepal Bank Limited and Rastriya Banijya BankKushal Basnet
Credit Management of Nepalese Commercial BanksMandira Shrestha
Working Capital Management of Selected Commercial Banks in NepalManisha Pant
Impact of CSR on Consumer Perception and Purchase Decision: A Case of Kathmandu ValleyMerina Shrestha
Analysing the Changing Perception of Tour Operators and Customers Towards Shifting to e-TourismNeetika Verma
Relationship between Customer Satisfacton and Their Retention: A Study on Top Five Comercial Banks in NepalNimesh Man Pradhan
Factors Affecting Adoption of Online Mobile Payment among Youth in Kathmandu ValleyPrakash Thapa
An Analysis of Consumer Behaviour towards the Brand Preference of Toothpaste within Kathmandu ValleyPrashant Bajracharya
The Relationship between Firm Performance and Executive CompensationPratishya Pant
Performance and Effectiveness of Derivative Market in NepalPratistha Aryal
Brand Preference of Laptop among consumers in Kathmandu ValleyRajat Bajracharya
Factors for Customers Satisfaction and delight in Nepalese Pharmaceutical MarketRajesh Kumar Wosti
Consumer Satisfaction in using Debit Card Services of A Class Commercial Banks in Kathmandu ValleyResha Ghimire
Debt Recovery and Loan Management in Nepalese Commercial Bank: A Study of Selected Commercial Bank in NepalRoshani Shrestha
Factors Affecting the Financial Performance of General Insurance Companies in NepalSagar Bhattarai
Impact of Supply Chain Management Practices on the Competitive advantage of an OrganisationSajan Shrestha
Motivational Packages, Employee Performance and Financial Performance: A Study Based on Commercial Bank of NepalSamek Bajracharya
A Comparative Study between Working and Non-Working Women's Purchasing Behaviour of Kathmandu ValleySamita Dongol
Improving Customer Satisfaction through Inventory Management and Information Sharing in Manufacturing FirmsSantosh Bista
Investment Policy of Commercial Banks with Reference to NABIL Bank Ltd and Nepal Investment Bank LtdSantosh Raj Pathak
A Study of Consumers Preference on the Brand of Beers in Kthmandu ValleySatish Tulachan
Factors Behind Switching Behaviour of Customers: A Study of NTC,NCELL,CDMA and UTL Industrial in NepalSmriti Joshi
The Relationship Between Chief Executive Officer Compensation and Firm Performance: A Study of Commercial Banks In NepalSubodh Kharel
Attitude Towards Trekking and Travelling among Youths in NepalSudeep Mani Nepal
Promotional Strategies for the Marketing of Tourism Business:A Comparative Study of Patan and Kathmandu ValleySujin Prasad Joshi
Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsements on Nepali Consumer's Buying BehaviourSummit Pradhananga
Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on the Stock Market Performance of Hydro Power Industry in NepalSupreet Aryal
Adoption of e-commerce in Thanka Business: Study on selected Thanka Shops of Kathmandu ValleySurya Maya Lama
A Study of Non Performing Assets of Government Banks of NepalSushan Devkota
Factors influencing citizen adoption of E-Government Services in NepalUmesh U. Gairapiplee
A Study of Financial Performance of Nepal Investment Bank Ltd:A Ratio Analysis ApproachUrmila Shrestha
MBA Evening Spring 2011A Study of Consumer Behaviour towards Online Shopping of Department Stores & Super markets of KathmanduAditya Khatri
Empowering Employee to Enrich Customer Satisfaction:With Reference to Selected Commercial Banks in NepalAnjan Gandharva
Contribution of Remittance in Empowering Livelihood: A Survey on Selected Households of Kathmandu Metropolitian CityAnju Koirala
Users' Perception towards the use of Electronic Payment System in Kathmandu ValleyBeneet Man Singh Pradhan
A Study on Recruiter's Perception of MBA Graduates employed in Commercial Banks of NepalBhuwan Maharjan
Contribution of Export Trade of Leather Products in Economic Growth of NepalBikash Bhagat
A Study on the Relationship between source credibility of Male and Female Celebrities on Purchase Intention of Low and High Involvement ProductsChristina Kansakar
Investment on Training and Development for Increasing Performance in Nepalese Commercial BanksDikpal Karki
Factors Influencing Individual Investment Decision in Nepalese Stock MarketDinesh Maharjan
A Study on Online Shopping Preference in Kathmandu ValleyInsha Malla
Impact of Non Performing Assets on Commercial Banks in NepalJashmin Tandukar
Comparative Study on the Impact of Merger on Financial Institutions in NepalJateen Shrestha
Contribution of Microfinance on Women Empowerment in Bhaktapur DistrictKanta Hada
Determinants of Nepalese Commercial Banks' Liquidity and its Impact on ProfitabilityKarishma Shrestha
Advertising and its Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour in KathmadnuKaruna Kamal Tuladhar
Factors Leading to the Failure of Cotton Towel Industry in NepalKoshish Budhathoki
Premium Collection and Investment on Indemnity of General Insurance CompaniesLaxmina Shrestha
Determinants of Interest Rate Spreads of Commercial Banks: Evidence from NepalMadhu Sudan Koirala
Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Brand Strength of Cosmetic Products in NepalMilan Bista
Credit Risk Management of Selected Joint Venture Banks of NepalNava Jyoti Chaudhary
Consumer Preference Survey on Apartments and Colonial Housing of Kathmandu ValleyNilesh Pradhan
Determinants of Promoting Internet Shopping Behavior of Consumer in Kathmandu ValleyNimisha Chaudhary
Factors influencing the Clothing choice of Apparels among youth of Kathmandu ValleyPradip Man Shrestha
Effectiveness of Word of Mouth Marketing for Restaurants of Kathmandu ValleyPriti Shrestha
Relationship between Risk and Capital in Nepalese Commercial BanksRajiv Maharjan
Effect of Selected Macroeconomic Variables on Stochasticity of Nepalese Stock MarketRupak Thapa
Working Capital Management and Performance of Selected Commercial Banks in NepalSabina Tamang
A Study on Effect of 7Ps on Enrollment in Private Management Colleges of NepalSagar Pokhrel
Study on Determinants of Customer Loyalty:A Case of Nepalese Commercial BanksSanjit K.C.
Factor Influencing Price of Stock Listed in Nepal Stock ExchangeSaroj Pradhan
A Survey on Graduate Students' Satisfaction towards Service Quality of Nepalese UniversitiesSaroj Shrestha
Service Quality of Health Care and its Impact on Patients' Satisfaction in Selected Hospitals of Kathmandu ValleySaroj Suwal
Impact of Remittance on Well-being of Remittance Recepients in Kathmandu ValleyShila Shrestha
Factors affecting Banking and Financial Institutions' deposit mobilization in NepalSubin Maharjan
Dividend Policy and Firm Performance of Nepalese Commercial BanksSudarshan Paudel
Impact of Foreign Remittance on Household Welfare : A Case Study of Benimanipur VDCSudeep Acharya
A Study on Interconnection between Social Media and Business Promotion in NepalSujan Shrestha
A Study of Factors leading to success of Nepalese Commodity MarketSunil Maharjan
Service Quality Analysis through Customer Satisfaction Index of Nepal Telecom CorporationSupriya Tamrakar
Factors affecting the Consumers' Brand preference of Smart Phone in Kathmandu ValleySushmita Nepal
Operational Risk Management Practices in Nepalese Commercial BanksSuzata Gautam
Analysis of Cost of Capital of the Selected Commercial Banks of NepalUsha Karki
MBA Evening Fall 2011Performance Appraisal and its effect on employee motivation: A Survey in selected non- government organizations in NepalAju Nyachhyon
Determinants of Financial Sustainability: A Study of Selected Microfinance Institutions in NepalAnima Maharjan
Challenges in Financing of Agricultural Value Chains in NepalAshesh Karki
Determinants of Loan Purchasing Decision of Customers in Kathmandu ValleyAshok Khadka
Impact of Work Family Conflict on Work Satisfaction of EntrepreneursAvash Kc
Investors Preference towards Mutual Fund: An Analytical Evidence from Kathmandu ValleyBirat Pant
Determining the Factors Affecting the Growth of Nepali TheatreDeepesh Paudel
Determinants of Capital Structure Of Joint Venture Banks in NepalDev Raj Paudel
Consumer Purchase Decision on Buying Smartphones in Kathmandu ValleyGopal Chapagain
An Analysis of Dividend Policy in Shareholders' Wealth of selected Commercial Banks in NepalJeena Shrestha
A Study of Factors affecting Investment Decision of Initial Public Offereing in NepalKabita Maharjan
Analysis of Autoregressive Conditional Volatility in Nepal Stock ExchangeKapil Dev Khatiwada
Dividend Policy of Commercial Banks on Share Price Volatility and onto Investment Decision in NepalKarishma Sthapit
Influence of Advertisement on Purchase Behavior of Smartphone's Consumer in KathmanduManita Shrestha
Determinants of Profitability in Domestic Private Commercial Banks in NepalManjil Man Shrestha
Value Added Tax and its Contribution to Revenue Generation in NepalMukesh Agrawal
Determinants on Consumer Buying Behavior of Small Cars in Kathmandu ValleyMukesh Maharjan
Effectiveness of Internet Banking Services on Financial Performance of Nepalese Commercial BanksNabina Shrestha
An Analysis for Deposit Mobilization by Domestic Private Banks in Nepal and it's effect in Banks' ProfitabilityNatasha Shrestha
A Study of Calendar Anomalies in Nepal Stock ExchangeNimesh Agrawal
A Study on Financial Sustainability of National Level Microfinance Development Bank in NepalNiroj Sigdel
Performance Analysis of Private v/s Public Commercial Banks of NepalPallavi Gurung
A Study on Right Share Issue and its Impact on Share Price in NepalPooja Neupane
Perception of Consumers towards Electronic Payment System in Kathmandu ValleyPrabesh Shrestha
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Graphic Health Warning on Cigarette PackagesPramesh Vaidya
A Study of Factors Influencing the Adoption of Internet Banking Systems in NepalPrerana Pradhan
A Study of the Management of Non-Performing Assets of Domestic Commercial Bank in NepalPriti Manandhar
Factors affecting consumer preferences for Direct to Home and Cable services in KathmanduPuja Pradhan
Impact of Credit Management on Financial Performance: A Comparative Study between Citizens Bank Ltd. & Sanima Bank Ltd.Raj Kumar K.C.
Determinants of Employee Retention in Nepalese Commercial BanksRama Pokhrel
Determinants of Consumer Behavior on Buying a Smartphone in Kathmandu ValleySamun Shrestha
A Study on Service Quality Perception of Private Hospitals in KathmanduSatendra Jha
A Study on Financial Performance of Joint Venture Banks in NepalSaurabh Agrawal
Factors Influencing Hydropower Stock Brand Preference and Buying Pattern amongst the InvestorsShivanth Raj Pandey
Analysis of Relationship between Capital Structure and Profitability of Nepalese Commercial BanksShristi Tandukar
Determinants of Purchase decision of Scooters among Women working in Commercial Banks of KathmanduSudha Shrestha
Individual Retirement Saving Behavior of Employees; Evidence from Selected Commercial Banks within Kathmandu ValleySudikshya Subedi
Study of Career Preference of Potential MBA Graduates in Kathmandu ValleySunayana Karki
Determinants of Instant Noodles Buying Behavior of Consumer in Kathmandu ValleySushmita Satyal
Effectiveness of Employee Retention Policy in Commercial Banks of NepalUtsav Jung Bist
MBA Evening Spring 2012Role of advertisement of home appliances on purchasing decision of consumers of Kathmandu ValleyAlina Dahal
A Study of Online Shopping Services in Kathmandu Valley using Technology Acceptance ModelAmit Shrestha
The Effectiveness of Social Media in the Formation of positive brand attitude for different users: The Case of Ncell on FacebookAnish Man Singh Basnyat
The Study of Determinants of Employees Retention in Telecom Industry of NepalAsmita Pradhan
The Influence of Work Life Balance on Organizational Commitment among the Employees in Telecom Operators in NepalAvisekh Kumar Acharya
Critical Success Factors for Risk Management in Nepalese Commercial BanksBhawana Khanal
Service Quality of Ncell ond its impact on Customer SatisfactionBibek Shakya
A Study of Influencing Factors on Purchase Decision of Motorbikes in Kathmandu ValleyBikash Bhattarai
A Study on Investors' Perception on Investment Decision on Commodity and Derivative MarketDeena Shrestha
Performance Analysis of Nepalese Commercial Banks through CAMEL ApproachDeepen Ratna Bajracharya
A Comparative Analysis of Dividend Policy Among Joint Venture Banks of NepalGanesh Paudyal
An Analysis of Dividend Policy in Microfinance Institutions of NepalKalyan Ghimire
Merger and Acquisition: A Case Study of Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd.Kamlesh Sthapit
A Study on Liquidity and Profitability Relationship in Nepalese Commercial Banking SectorKeshar Bahardur Raya
Study on Determinants of Dividend Payout Policy of Joint Venture Commercial Banks of NepalKoshis Babu Joshi
A Study on Investors' Decision towards Initial Public OfferingsKundan Bhattarai
A Comparative Analysis of National Level Level Microfinance Institution's Financial Performance in NepalMadhusudhan Shrestha
Influencing Factors on Purchase Decision of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Kathmandu ValleyMiruja Maharjan
Impact of Interest Rate on Deposit and Lending of Commercial Banks in NepalMonika Shrestha
Influence of Celebrity Endorsement in Consumer Buying Behavior of Fast moving Consumer goods in KTM ValleyMrigendra Karmacharya
Job Satisfaction of Employees from Selected Private Commercial Banks of KathmanduNisha Shrestha
The Study on Financial Performance of Selected Merged Banking Institutions in NepalOm Kumar Shrestha
Employee Performance and Job Satisfaction with reference to Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. and NIC Asia Bank Ltd.Pabitra Poudyal
Factors Influencing Consumers' Adoption of Mobile Payment in Kathmandu ValleyPrakash Koju
Impact of Corporate Governance on Key Performance Indicators on Banks and Financial Institutions of NepalPramita Dhakal
Social Media and Promotion for Domestic Tourism in NepalPoonam Tamang
The Study of Perceived benefits of Generic medicine over Branded medicine in Kathmandu ValleyPrabhat Ranjan Napit
A Study on Consumer Preference on Cash Discount and Surprise Coupons versus Bonus Packs for Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Bhaktapur CityPrabin Hayanju
The Study of Credit Risk Management on Financial Performance of Nepalese Commercial BanksPrabindra Bir Bajracharya
A Comparative Study of Financial Performance of Commercial Banks before and after Comprehensive Peace AccordPralish Joshi
Brand Loyalty & Buying Behavior of Tuborg Beer in KathmanduPranab Bhakta Malla
Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in Selected Resorts Located in Pokhara ValleyPratigya Gautam
Factors affecting Impulse Buying Behavior of Customer in Kathmandu ValleyPratima Bajracharya
Determinants of Job Satisfaction in a Commercial Bank: A Case of Sunrise Bank, KathmanduRoshan Sharma
A Study on Stress and Burnout among Employees at Commercial Banks in KathmanduSalaka Niraula
Consumer Preference Towards Multiplex in KathmanduSandeep Tuladhar
Impact of Non-Interest Income on Performance of Commercial Banks in NepalSantosh Nepal
Impact of Non Performing Assets on the Performance of Commercial Banks in NepalShraddha Tiwari
Consumer Buying Behavior of Passenger Car in Kathmandu ValleyShyam Sundar Sapkota
A Study on Determinants of Online Shopping Behaviour of Consumers in Kathmandu ValleySuraj Prasad Rouniyar
Brand Awareness & Buying Behavior of Samsung Home Applicances in KathmanduSuraj Sharma
A Study of e-payment service in Kathmandu Metropolitan City using Technology Acceptance ModelSushant Raj Giri
Service Quality gaps between State-owned and Privately owned Commercial Banks in NepalUgen Gautam
Factors Affecting Performance of Nepalese Development BanksUjjwal Paudel
Influence of Bank Specific Factors on Profitability : A Study Of Commercial Banks in NepalKarishna Shrestha
A study on Factors influencing Coffee Consumption Culture among Bankers of Kathmandu ValleyNishes Pokhrel
A study of Buying Behaviour of Male for Winter Wear in Kathmandu ValleyJeevan Kunwar
Study on Students' Perception Quality of Higher Education Management Program in KathmanduAaratee Tripathee
A Study of Outpatients' Perceived Service Quality and Satisfaction in Private Hospitals of Kathmandu ValleyParidhi Pathak
Factor Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour on LaptopsJen Bajracharya
Comparision of profitability of Joint Venture and Private Commercials Bank during and after Maoist Insurgency PeriodUmesh Prasad Rouniyar
A study of Consumer Perceived Satisfaction towards Electronic Payment System in KathmanduPrajwol Shrestha
E- Banking Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Nepalese Commercial BankNavin Manandhar
Factors influencing impulse buying behavior of clothing items with reference to visual merchandising in Kathmandu ValleyUttkarsh Manandhar
Factors that Influence Choice of General Insurance Service ProviderPratik Shrestha
MBA Evening Fall 2012Credit Risk Management and Financial Performance of Nepalese Commercial BanksAnanta Khadka
Factors Affecting Employees Perception Towards Performance Appraisal SystemBina K.C
"Determinants on Efficiency of Nurses" Performances in Selected Hospitals of Kathmandu ValleyBinod Shrestha
Relationship between Risk and Capital in Nepalese Commercial BanksDina Rajbhandari
Liquidity Management and Profitability Analysis of Commercial Banks in NepalGaurab Acharya
A study in Cloud Adoption in Nepalese Media Sector of NepalGaurab Duwadi
Investment Behavior of Individual Investors in Capital MarketIswie Palikhey
Impacts of Training and Development Practices on Employee Performance in Banking Industry of NepalManish Ratna Sakya
Employee Empowerment and its effect on Employee Performance : A Survey in Selected Commercial Banks in NepalMijala Joshi
Determinants of NPA in Commercial Banks of NepalParash Dongol
Contribution of E-Marketing for the Income Generation in Travel Agencies of NepalParbat Humagain
A Study On Dividend Policy And Share Price Volatility In Selected Commercial BanksPrabin Adhikari
A study of HRM practices on Employee Commitment in Deerwalk and Verisk Information TechnologiesRakshya Baral
Performance Appraisal practices and its Effectiveness in Nepalese Service Sector OrganizationsSadikshya Karki
Financial Performance Analysis between Government owned and Joint Venture Commercial Banks in NepalSajeeb Pradhan
Factors Affecting Individual Investor Decision Making BehaviorSanjeev Bogati
Impact of Psychological Contract Fulfillment on Employee's Motivation in Nepal TelecomShaktina Shrestha
Employee Retention in Nepalese Commercial BanksSubash Shrestha
A Study On Human Resource Development Climate And Employees Job Satisfaction In ICIMODUjala Rajbhandari
The Study of Psychologial Empowerment on the Effectivess of Job Performance in commercial bankAlina Tandukar
Influencing Factors for The Acceptance of 3G Mobile Service in Kathmandu ValleyAnij Tuladhar
A study on Work Life Balance Of Dual Career Couples In Kathmandu ValleyAnju Shahi
Consumer Buying Intention Based on Nutritional Label Information in Packaged FoodAshish Ghimire
Customer Satisfaction in Mobile Telecommunications Industry of NepalHira Babu Pradhan
Determinants of Acceptance of Electric Vehicle in Kathmandu ValleyMuraj Bajracharya
A Study on Online Shopping Behavior of YouthsNamrata Koirala
Consumer Brand Preference for Fashion Wear inside Kathmandu ValleyNeha Amatya
The Study of Relationship Marketing on Customer Loyalty in Nepalsese Banking IndustryNiraj Manandhar
Effects On Human Resource Management Practices On Retention Of Employee In Commercial Bank Of NepalPrajeena Shrestha
Factors Influencing Adoption of Digital Wallet In Kathmandu Valley- Extended Technology Acceptance ModelPuja Pandit
A study about different factors affecting consumer preference of Coke or Pepsi in Kathmandu ValleyRamin Shrestha
Work life Balance on Employee Turnover in Internet Service Providers of NepalRishav Raj Singh
Skill based Training for Health Workers in Public Hospitals of NepalRupesh Maharjan
A Study on the Relationship between Rewards of Work and Satisfaction Level of School TeachersSangita Maharjan
Role of Loyalty Programs in Customer Retention among Mobile Service Operators in Kathmandu ValleyShama Singh
Share Price Determinants and their inter-relationships: A study of Nepalese Commercial BanksSharmila Gainsi
MBA Evening Spring 2013A Study on consumer behavior towards online shopping of electronic products in Kathmandu ValleyAawash Shrestha
A Proposal On Determinants Of Stock Price Movement In NepalAbiskar Rimal
Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Commercial Banks' Profitability of NepalAditya Dhoj Adhikary
Service Quality Dimensions of Internet Service Providers in Kathmandu ValleyAlok Kunwar
A Study of Emotional Intelligence In Organizational Conflict ManagementAnuj Manandhar
A Study on Factors Affecting Buying Behavior for Nepalese Footwear Products in Kathmandu ValleyAyush Man Bajracharya
A Study on Factors Affecting Non- Performing Loan in Commercial Banks of NepalBibek Amatya
Impact of Television Advertising on Consumer Buying Behavior of Two-WheelersBipin Nakarmi
Initial Public Offering of Common stock in Nepalese Stock MarketDeepika Paudel
The role of remittances and other selected Macroeconomic variables for Economic growth in NepalDevendra Dongol
Customers' Attitude Towards Internet Banking Services: Evidence From Nepalese Commercial BanksDipan Dahal
A Study on Significance of Union Membership on Employee Job Satisfaction in Commercial BanksLipika Rajbanshi
Factors Affecting Purchase Decision of Maruti Suzuki Cars In Kathmandu ValleyNabina Shrestha
Factors Determining Consumer Preferences on choosing Mobile Service Provider in Kathmandu ValleyNamrata Jha
Retention Of Employees With Reference To Its Companies In NepalNeelima Kathayat
An Analysis of Non-Performing Loan of Nabil Bank,Everest Bank & Himalayan Bank LimitedNimesh Ghimire
Factors Responsible for Customer Churn in Telecom Sector Focusing on Ncell Pvt. Ltd.Prerana Shrestha
The Role of Children's Influence in Family Buying DecisionsPrinci koirala
Service Switching Behavior of Consumers in Nepalese Banking IndustryRusha Shrestha
A Study Of Employee Turnover in Three Commercial Banks of NepalSantosh Khatiwada
Study Of Consumer's Purchasing Behavior Towards Green Products In KathmanduSaroj Maharjan
An Analysis Of Service Quality Gap Of Guests Visiting Himalayan Java Restaurants In Kathmandu ValleyShashank Prabhat Shrestha
Role Of Human Resources For Enhancing The Financial Performance In Tourism And Hospitality Industry' (With Reference To Birgunj City)Shrija Tripathi
A Study On Determinants Of Market Share Price And Financial Performance Of Commercial Banks In NepalSujan Ratna Bajracharya
Factors Affecting Investors Decision While Investing In Common Stock In NepalSumit Manandhar
An Evaluation Of Knowledge Management Practices in Community Service Organizations in NepalSwamita Baral Sharma
Driving Performance and Retention Through Employee Engagement in IT IndustryAjan Lal Shrestha
An Empirical Analysis of Dividend Policy on Share Price of Development Banks in NepalAmresh Subedi
Assessing Stereotype of Affirmative Action among Working Professionals in Kathmandu, NepalAnish Baidya
The Impact of Social Media Markering In Creating Positive Brand Attitude Among Nepalese ConsumerChandni Kayastha
Share Price and Investor Behavior Analysis of Joint Venture Banks in NepalManish Dhungel
An Economic Analysis On Vegetables Farming In Rural Villages of Palpa District, NepalNamrata Bhandari
The Role of Training and Development on Employees Performance in Nepalese Banking IndustriesNitesh Man Shrestha
Work Life Balance of Women working in Commercial Banks of NepalParichit Giri
Role of Compensation Management on Employee Performance in Banking Industry of NepalPratik Shrestha
Customers' Satisfaction on Internet Banking Services pf Nepalese Financial InstitutionsPratima Khanal
Consumer Brand Preference for Fashion Wear within Kathmandu ValleyPrijana Shrestha
A Study on Analysis of Stocks and Selection of Optimal Portfolio CombinationsRaksha Sharma
Study On Factors Affecting Brand Preference Of Mobile Phones In KathmanduRuben Ghale
Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Deposit Mobilization of Commercial Banks in NepalSarf Raj Alam Ansari
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