The Bachelor of Business Administration – Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI) program aims to provide sound knowledge base, conceptual understanding and skills in the area of business and management with specific focus on finance, banking and insurance. The BBA-BI program is a four year bachelor degree program spread over eight semesters. A student needs to complete course work, project work and internship to graduate. Students are required to enroll in designated courses every semester. Each course has a minimum of about 48 contact hours.

Project Work involves field work and empirical analysis of the information collected from the field. The students are also required to prepare a project report in a prescribed format.

Internship lasts for a period of six to eight weeks and is schedule during the sixth semester. College facilitates internship for all the students enrolled in the program. During the internship, a student is supervised by a faculty supervisor assigned from the college and a supervisor from the respective organization where he/ she is doing the internship.