There are three components to the fee structure; the semester fees, tuition fees and university charges. The semester fee is NRs.35000/- per semester and it includes fees for internal examinations, library, computing and other academic support facilities. Tuition fees vary according to the academic years as shown in the table. University charges are for registration, affiliation and examinations, which are levied as per actual.

At the time of admission

Admission fee: NRs. 35,000/-
Orientation, Induction and Social WorkNRs. 30,000/-
Refundable/Security DepositNRs. 10,000/-
Total During AdmissionNRs. 75,000/-

The break down of charges per semester is as follows:

Year 1
Semester IAmount Semester II Amount
Semester Fee40,000Semester Fee40,000
Tuition Fee45,000Tuition Fee45,000
Year 2
Semester IIIAmount Semester IV Amount
Semester Fee41,000Semester Fee41,000
Tuition Fee46,000Tuition Fee46,000
Year 3
Semester V Amount Semester VI Amount
Semester Fee43,000Semester Fee43,000
Tuition Fee50,000Tuition Fee50,000
Year 4
Semester VII Amount Semester VIII Amount
Semester Fee54,000Semester Fee54,000
Tuition Fee45,000Tuition Fee45,000

Please note:

  • The fee structure does not include university charges and any other charges/taxes levied by the Government of Nepal.

  • Deposit is refunded only on successful completion of the program.